It was built in the middle of the 17th century but the nave dates in 1809. The building lies over a deep precipice hooked on the slope and it is surrounded by a splendid landscape that the tributaries of Dafnonas and the slopes of Parnon synthesize. Elona is one of the most beautiful and famous monasteries in Arcadia. You will find it at the road to Kosmas, 14 km from Leonidio (107 km. from Tripoli) in the Dafnonas gorge. The Monastery is known for its extraordinary location. Built on a vertical and magnificent red rock, fascinates the visitor, giving the impression of floating in chaos. Due to its position you can enjoy the excellent view of the surrounding area.

The monastery was founded in the early 16th century but the body of the church was built in 1809. The stone belfry was constructed in 1831 and it is believed that the icon of “Our Lady Elona” which is kept there, is Apostle Luke’s work (one of the 70 icons that he painted).

The icon is considered miraculous by some pilgrims and is made of silver. In the nave there are a nice wooden temple, holy relics, gospels, holy artifacts and many oblations. The date the temple was made cannot be defined but it is characterized by fine workmanship and imagination. Visitors can see the impressive carved representations and the old and well-constructed surrounding buildings. Today it is a nunnery.

During the Turkish occupation, the monastery was looted and set on fire several times. From 1875 and onwards it experienced unprecedented boom with the contribution of the residents of Leonidio, Spetses and Hydra. In the revolution of 21 it played a prominent role.

The monastery celebrates the Assumption and the Novena of Our Lady and gathers many pilgrims throughout Greece but especially from Astros, Lakonia and Spetses.