Poulithra is a seaside picturesque village built at the foothills of Mount Parnon, 9 kilometers from Leonidio and south of Plaka. Located in a beautiful, lush natural environment the village matches mountain and sea in an ideal way. Poulithra is famous for the quaint houses and the majestic manors which were built following the specific architectural standards of the area (Kynouria). It has beautiful pebbly beaches with crystal clear waters and attracts many tourists especially in summer. On the edge of Poulithra there is a scenic harbor where you can enjoy the view to the sea and the village.

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Poulithra falls under the municipality of Leonidio. It is a beautiful seaside village built at the foot of Mount Parnon, 9 km. southeast of Leonidio. Its prime location matches harmoniously up mountain with sea and a stunning image is created as the settlement lies between the green nature and the endless blue of the sea. The traditional architecture of this pretty village travels you to past times. Poulithra consists of two neighborhoods, one coastal and one that is 2 km. from the beach. An impressive pebbly beach that attracts many tourists in summer. At the end of the waterfront there is a scenic harbor.